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I’m a reporter at Mashable, in New York City, where I cover cybersecurity, tech policy, privacy and surveillance, hackers, drones, and, more in general, the intersection of technology and civil liberties.

During my time at Mashable, for example, I profiled tech guru Susan Crawford, writing about her fight against monopolistic telecoms; I wrote about Wickr, the Snapchat for grown-ups that tries to save you from spies; and I wrote about Cody Wilson, the world’s most notorious gunsmith, and his quest to make the first entirely 3D-printed handgun.

Last year I interned at Wired, mostly covering national defense and tech for Danger Room, writing about how small town copsare stockpiling on useless military gear, and how the hijacking of a drone threw caught feds and drone makers off-guard.

I also wrote for Threat Level, Wired Science and Wired Business.

My work has been published on websites like, or Yahoo News, and it’s been linked by AllThingsD, among others.

In May 2012 I graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism with a Master of Science degree. A long time ago, I was born in Barcelona, Spain and during my past life I graduated in Law from University of Barcelona in 2011.

During my year at Columbia University, I covered New York’s public housing, and I also wrote about hackers trying to build an alternative Internet and new technologies to avoid censorship online, scientists building a device called the Icepod, loaded with gizmos to scan ice sheets and study the effects of climate change in Antarctica and Greenland; the use of domestic drones in the United States and I wrote about scientists working on a new technology to capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere to slow down global warming.

In the past, I’ve written about Wikileaks and the chances that the U.S. Government has to prosecute Julian Assange for two different Italian websites, L’Espresso and I’ve also been a contributor for two blogs affiliated with SBNation: BrightSideOfTheSun, on all things Phoenix Suns and BarcaBlaugranes, that cover my hometown team, F.C. Barcelona.

In what’s perhaps the most bizarre development in my young journalism career so far, Sen. Rand Paul quoted one of my articles during his 13-hour-long filibuster to protest Obama’s drone policies. As a result, not only I can say Rand Paul butchered my name (twice), but I am honored to be in this list, among great journalists whom I look up to every day.