Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

I'm a journalist at TechCrunch who writes about hacking, information security, and surveillance.

I have worked at Motherboard, Mashable, and Wired's Danger Room.

You can send me an email at:

[email protected]


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My preferred method of secure communications is Signal, where you can find me at: +1 917 257 1382

You can also find me on Keybase, and Telegram, all with the handle @lorenzofb


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My PGP * public key is here.

And my PGP fingerprint is:

7DD9 05AF 70AE E1B3 FEEF 2987 F1CF 198F BF50 84F0


* To learn about PGP and encrypted email, and how to use it, read this guide. Also, please note that using PGP is notoriously cumbersome and easy to get wrong. Unless your threat model requies it, I recommend contacting me via Signal, or the other chat apps listed above.

I recommend you use Tor when sending any sensitive email. And you might want to consider using an anonymous email account as well. Encrypting your email to me simply obfuscates the content of the message, it doesn’t anonymize our communication. Using Tor, you can better hide your trails.

This tutorial will show you how to do it and why this is important.