I'm a journalist at TechCrunch who writes about hacking, information security, and surveillance.

At VICE Motherboard, I focused on longform features and investigations, while still writing shorter news stories, and blogs. Most of my work is driven by scoops and developing deep sources in the industry. I helped create and launch the successful hacking podcast CYBER. I also produced several episodes of the podcast, or participated as a guest, and occasionally as a host. I also developed a series for the CYBER podcast called My Fist Hack, where I interview prominent hackers and cybersecurity experts on their career beginnings.

In 2020, I was responsible for editing a print 'zine on hacking culture. This meant working on the concept and theme of the 'zine, soliciting and judging pitches from colleagues, editing the resulting stories, and contributing feedback on the art and layout of the 'zine.

Before Motherboard, I worked at Mashable and at Wired's Danger Room. In 2012, I graduated from Columbia University's Journalism School. I'm also a defrocked lawyer from Barcelona, Spain—although I'm actually Italian.

While at Mashable, I helped produce "I 3D Printed a Gun," one of the most successful, and high-quality, Mashable documentaries ever.

At VICE, I've helped produce several episodes of a TV show on cybersecurity called CYBERWAR, as well as an episode of the VICE HBO show. I've been interviewed on NPR's All Tech Considered, Good Morning America, HuffPost Live, and Tech News Today, among others.

You can find a more detailed resume and a list of my favorite stories on my LinkedIn.